Our professional services leverage best practices for the adoption, usage, and maintenance of our IT Solutions Delivery Management Software. Used individually or in combination with our software package, these services are delivered by experienced professionals that bring a with them a wide breadth of experience and detailed knowledge of how to manage requirements acquisition, testing processes, software tuning, best practices and configuration. Though we do offer standard service packages, we prefer to tailor our services to individual customer needs. We begin each project with a services discovery designed to help us better understand the customer’s high-level goals, their project goals, current technology acquisition process and IT environment. Once completed we provide the client with a customer-specific implementation plan that includes recommendations for training, installation and mentoring that will drive success.

Whether buying ‘off the rack’ or ‘custom tailoring,’ Testbed’s Professional Services help you reduce risk, get faster returns, and let you focus on what's most important - building your business.

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