Testbed brings to each customer engagement a combination of breadth and depth of experience, methodologies that provide an understanding of broad risk elements within an organization, as well as adaptable and repeatable processes to building, maturing and enhancing cyber security programs. Our Cyber Security services focus on Security Architecture and Design, Cyber Security Program Development, and Cyber Security Managed Testing Services.

Our managed services practice takes pride in providing an array of standardized and customizable offerings that give our customers simulation of potential attack vectors and threat scenarios. In addition we ensure that the prospective security control solutions will provide an effective impact and reduce the residual ongoing risk to the business.

Security Architecture
& Design Services

Testbed’s Cybersecurity Architecture and Design Services help manage the changes to your information systems that are needed to keep your business effective in the face of growing security risks. By using defined industry standard methodologies and reference architectures, we work with you to optimize your organization’s security and information risk management investments while mitigating your overall business risk.


Security Architecture & Design Services include:

  • Assist organization’s in creating a strategic road map for future security requirements impacted from acquiring new technology capabilities.
  • Design robust and scalable security architecture of enterprise IT resources using a risk based approach.
  • Security architecture services leverage vendor independent control frameworks that are based on industry best practices like NIST, ISO, CIS and also confirm to organizational compliance requirements.
  • Create holistic approach in embedding security controls within enterprise infrastructure from a program level.
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Program Development Services

Testbed’s Cybersecurity Program Development Services work toward the development of a new program or modify and enhance an existing program. Our goal is to help organizations accelerate their security program development, establish charters and policies, identify and prioritize their risks, establish security metrics for standardized assement and strengthen their overall security posture.


Cyber Security Program Development Services include:

  • Program Maturity
  • Governance Charters
  • Policy Development
  • Regulations & Standards Mapping
  • Security Analytics & Threat Intelligence
  • Continuous Monitoring

An Information Security Program Development service does not just give you insights and best practices for how you might mature your corporate security program. We know IT organizations operate on limited resources and need more than just guidance. Our experienced industry veterans actually help you develop your security programs and charters, so your program plan is in hand when we are done and you can measure and report on it.

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Managed Testing Services

Testbed’s Cybersecurity Managed Testing Services take a programmatic approach to threat modeling, vulnerability management, and penetration testing that helps IT and security leaders keep pace with changing business demands.


Cyber Security Managed Testing Services feature:

  • Standardized, scalable, and repeatable testing
  • Attack simulations
  • Threat Modeling
  • Clear Pricing and Pre-defined scoping
  • Best Practices & Regulatory Compliance Scanning
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