Testbed is dedicated to providing our customers with the means to effectively and affordably manage the delivery of new technology capabilities. Our IT solutions delivery management software frees organizations from the chaotic processes of requirements management and solution testing by automating test feedback, tracking goals and requirements, and providing intelligent reporting to stakeholders.

Our platform provides a streamlined management experience for putting new technologies to the test. We accomplish this by providing our customers with a guided wizard-like approach that ensures that no stone is left unturned.

Comprehensive Testing

Functional Testing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing

Functional Testing | Testing how the solution measures up to its functional requirements

  • Unit Testing: Testing the individual components of the solutions
  • Integration Testing: Qualify how well the unit components of the solution interact in defined scenarios
  • System Testing: Put all the pieces of the solution together and test that the technology meets or exceeds operational test conditions
  • Acceptance Testing: Ensure the solution has met the project requirements and that end-users have confirmed that the system meets all defined requirements
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Non-Functional Testing, Usability, Performance, Cyber Security Testing

Non-Functional Testing | Testing the technology against the business requirement

    • Cyber Security & Vulnerability Testing: Our application supports results from vulnerability scans, penetration testing, architectural reviews and risk assessment
    • Performance Testing: Explore the failure points of a solution by measuring how well a system behaves with resource limitations, increased stress, and enhanced loadl
Usability Testing:
    Looks to Validate
    • Learnability: How easy it is the technology to learn?
    • Efficiency: How efficient is the technology's navigation?
    • Satisfaction: Was the user able to accomplish the required task?
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Software Functionality

Requirements Management

  • Process Governance: in-application governance features allow key stakeholders to sign off on testing and critical changes
  • Intelligent Scoring System: ability to apply a weighted scoring to different test groups to capture test case value from the most essential audience
  • Track and audit projects for change management to discover whether the project is approaching scope creep or getting off track on the wrong direction
  • Support for requirements elicitation from all users and stakeholders is particularly important if you are to avoid extra work importing original requirements from some other product. Gathering requirements using a word processor is simply creating more work, as well as opportunities for introducing errors. Even allow your non-technical stakeholders to define requirements in their own words providing a point of reference when refining the requirements for test
  • Perform Gap Analysis

Manage Testing Operations

  • Automation: Get rid of the manual overhead of tracking emails, documents, and spreadsheets from testers and project teams and automate the process with Testbed’s automated test management process, so that your team can focus on the results
  • Flexibility: Our flexible tool works with any process, including traditional project management or agile methodologies
  • Strategic Planning: Plan, create and manage multiple test cycles
  • Standardize Test Cases: Support for template test cases
  • Deep Dive: Drill down from requirements to tests and incidents

Reporting & Feedback

  • User Feedback Surveys: Build, manage, and send rapid surveys to testers and future technology users to build a strong rapport from the user base and create buy-in
  • Intelligent and Easy-to-use Feedback Tools: Track Feedback, Comments, and testing activities via bidirectional email updates to out software via Evernote style tagging
  • Pull canned and ad-hoc reports such as common passed/failed/skipped tests, user workload, and more
  • Intuitive dashboard reporting functionality provides an effective tool for measuring progress and productivity providing a more accurate estimate of time to completion

Team Management

  • Task Distribution: Manage your team’s tasks with our user workload reporting feature
  • Managing Testers: Easily add and remove testers
  • Direct Relationship: Create test cases directly from requirements
  • Collaboration: Create cross-departmental alignment by allowing business and technology testers to collaborate and score requirements
  • Workflow Builder: Produce test case workflow instructions that ensure procedures are followed correctly
  • Identity and Access Management: Set user permissions per project and create custom roles.

Task Management

  • Streamlined task management queue for each tester
  • Flexibility: Build a suite of test cases using our simple interface, or import existing test cases from a spreadsheet.
  • Define repeatable processes across multiple projects
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