Testbed provides seminars and workshops focused on a variety of cyber security, device security and encryption issues. Our training is highly customizable thanks to our modular program design, and can be built out in a way that focuses on professionals in a variety of occupations.

Beyond awareness, we deliver interactive workshops where attendees receive “hands-on-key-board” training, side-by-side technical assistance, and a practical context for applying the skills and tools presented. Attendees learn practical application of tools such as PGP encryption, TOR, and TAILS - the same tools used by Edward Snowden to communicate with Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras - from security experts who have real-world experience advising Fortune 500 companies, illustrious educational institutions, and even government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and NASA.

It’s Your Information, It's Your Device.
Keep it Safe, Keep It Secure.

IT Security and Encryption Training

Topics Covered

  • Fundamentals of PGP encryption

    PGP, Pretty Good Privacy, is a secure method for encrypting files, emails and attachments. Adding PGP to your reporting tool set can open up your reporting to new potential sources.

  • Encrypted private instant text,
    audio and video messaging

    Encrypted instant communication methods using the Off-the-Record (OTR) protocol.

  • Cyber Security Best Practices

    Gain insight into the need-to-know methods and strategies in information security. Learn how to identify and evaluate threats and vulnerabilities through threat modeling.

  • Mobile device security

    Learn the best practices and key concepts in mobile security. Discover techniques to lock-down app settings, OS settings, GPS/location data, metadata scrubbing and how to create a secure line using a mobile app.

  • Evading censorship and
    anonymizing researc

    Learn how to properly configure and use the (Tor) network to conduct anonymous Internet research.

  • Effectively Managing Passwords

    Creating strong passwords, understanding password managers, and the concepts behind multi-factor authentication.

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